Decadence in the Russian way: Kokoko restaurant in St. Petersburg

Located in Russia, Kokoko Restaurant has a luxurious bar and an exceptional dining room, serving modern Russian cuisine…

Kokoko restaurant is a new concept of Russian cuisine: from the very beginning, or since its opening eight years ago, until today, they have been true to their main principle - this restaurant serves meals made with natural and seasonal products, i.e. meals are prepared from that which was collected and produced in Russia at certain times of the year.

Thanks to courage, endurance and faith in its philosophy, this restaurant has come a long way and has become a real attraction and a reason to visit St. Petersburg. The elegant look of this restaurant is evident in all its parts, such as the dining room corner, which is decorated with gold Emporium dining chairs and the magnificent Marie Antoinette luxury mirror of the Boca do Lobo brand.

The leader and the heart of Kokoko cuisine is Chef Igor Griljubkin. As a bold innovator inclined to experiment, he deftly combines modern technology, traditional Russian ingredients and childhood flavors. A little madness, a lot of humor, a love for home-made products and unpredictable combinations are the hallmarks of his fine cuisine.

The modern design present in this luxury restaurant is unrivaled. Bright, original, understandable and ironic pieces, combined with plush and wood, gold and porcelain, the crystal glow of mirrors and the rich feathers of a restaurant mascot create an attractive vision of a jewelry box.

Filled with decadent details, this restaurant offers its guests a unique olfactory experience that will fill, irritate and delight their senses of smell, taste and vision.

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