Dinner on Mont Everest

The former head of the Noma restaurant takes you on a unique adventure on Mount Everest and opens his pop-up restaurant in the clouds...

For many of us, the peaks of Mount Everest are an amazing fantasy reserved for the bravest, boldest and most ready. Add to that the possibility of enjoying a meal at an altitude of 5,545 meters, you will receive an experience that cannot be forgotten. Nepal dinner organized by Chef James Sharman is one of twenty that are part of its One Star House Party tour.

It is an ambitious two-year adventure that takes Sharman through all major cities of the world, where he and four friends organize pop-up events, inspired by local flavors and cuisines. For the fourth event, guests will have to earn their dinner.

After departure from Kathmandu in Nepal, a group of 15 guests will embark on a two-week hiking to the base of Mount Everest, where they will have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner prepared by this famous chef.

Reservations for this adventure are closed on November 29 and the price for one person is $ 1,050, not including airfare and other necessities. If you're willing to first-person see the mountain on which the top of the world is located and also enjoy the best gastronomic specialties in the clouds, you know what to do.

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