Discover the most alluring secret bars

While walking through the dark city streets, gimmicky shop windows you pass, are not what you think...

If you're a fan of bars and nightlife, VeryFirstTo provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the trip of your dreams, called The World's Most Alluring Secret Bars. This unique journey will take you and your traveling companion through the unique world of pubs, lounges and speakeasies in ten world cities. The cities and the bars you’ll visit during this trip, are certainly not something usual, and each of them has its own history and stories that can be found.

You will need to set aside plenty of time, even up to one month for this adventure. We all know that hidden bars have unusual names. Even rural pubs have interesting offers, and some of the bars that you can visit the Bathtub Gin, Blind Barber, Death & Co, Employees Only, Evans & Peel Detective Agency, Fall From Grace, Happiness Forgets The Back Room, and The Butcher.

This adventure will cost around 90,000 euros for two people. This is money well spent if you want to know the other side of the world capitals of culture and meet the world's experts in the field mixology. Also, you will have a chance to look at a couple of cabaret and musical performances.

Numerous bars that you can visit during this trip are masked as shops and to enter you need a code, while some are hidden behind the sliding bookcase. Imagine a situation - you enter an umbrellas store, where one of them is a lever, which when pulled, opens the secret door which lead you to a bar!

Ten cities you'll visit during this adventure are London, Amsterdam, Geneva, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Most of the bars reminds us of the bars during Prohibition, and so this experience is even more interesting.

At the end of the journey, each guest receives a surprise gift, while each guest will get a genuine high quality bar, which is the work of Timothy Olton as a gift upon their return home. Interesting, we have to admit... 

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