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Wine is supposed to have its own experience built around its features – taste should be reflected in one way, smell should be another part of the puzzle or texture could become its main element.

The fabulous DiVino Wine Bar in Budapest’s central Szent István Square was designed on the concept of  “exclusive offers from second generation Hungarian wine producers in a dynamic bistro milieu”.

Budapest-based Suto Interior Architects turned the closed down but fully equipped and furnished old restaurant into a magnificent display of contemporary design lines and materials. With views of the nearby St. Stephen’s Basilica from behind the glazed facade caught in between columns, the divine wine bar is an attractive place that has been revived to serve a noble purpose – offer a unique “wine meets design” experience. Pine wood contrasts black walls, creating a stunning display for the wine collections. Architects accentuated the depth of the space using lines, textures, nuances, shadows and light, creating a fabulous atmosphere that needs to be experienced in person.

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