Located in the well-know Napa County boasting its exquisite wine industry, the Merus Winery constructs a different perspective on winery design.

Napa Valley, California was the perfect location to experiment with an inviting, inspiring interior design. The Merus Winery was created by UXUS Design – a breathtaking composition of lines and lights, textures and natural colors. Depicting the winery’s brand, this creative space arrangement aims at creating a complete experience of wine tasting, keeping and enjoying.

Merus Winery’s floor plan was divided between the three main spaces – the Tasting Room, Cave Tasting Table and the Cave Events Space. Each of these rooms offer a carefully chosen combination of elements. The Tasting Room was designed to challenge the senses with it’s asymmetric combination of dark and light racks mirroring in the glossy table. Placed right outside the main building, the Cave Tasting Table displays an eclectic arrangement, with hundreds of wine bottles carefully placed in volumetric boxes along the wall. The last and most intriguing room is the Cave Events Space – a magnificent cave-like space with gorgeous hanging lamps creating a fascinating atmosphere. The exterior cannot start to convey the feeling the interiors give you once inside, so make sure you visit to get the full experience.

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