Café Kitsune had a really successful launch in Tokyo, so now they have announced their second opening in Paris...

The two Founders Gildas Loaek, Art director and manager of Daft Punk, and Japanese architect Masaya Kuroki, thought it was only right to bring their latest venture to the quaint streets of Paris, a city close to their hearts.

Inside, the concise menu offers a tasty coffee coming from the region of Minas Gerais in Brazil, “Daterra Santa Colomba.” Roasted in London, it gathers all the required elements: a heavy and full body, notes of chocolate and toasted hazelnut, a light hint of ripe cherry, and a syrupy sweet finish. If you’d rather enjoy a fresh and green drink, try the cold-pressed juices – courtesy of Bob’s juice bar; the parisian pro of making juices true to the fruits and mixing clever tastes.

The new cafe cleverly combines fashion, music, design and lifestyle. Besides a relaxed atmosphere and hip decor, the café offers London-roasted coffee prepared by the finest Baristas, tea, juices, and delicious gluten-free pastries and cakes from Noglu.

Photo credit: Karl Hab

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