Fendi celebrates spring with their new Caffe

The only thing more glamorous than drinking coffee while surrounded by art and fashion in downtown Miami is drinking FENDY coffee.

FENDI Caffe has returned to the Miami Design District, bringing high fashion to the dynamic environment. Inspired by the FENDI women's collection for spring / summer 2022, Caffe is a colourful, elegant invitation to the nostalgic world of Kim Jones. Conceptually, the cafe draws parallels with the Fendi collection for spring / summer 2022, which drew inspiration from the figurative and bright drawings of fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez.

Through their collection for spring / summer 2022, Fendi collaborated with The Estate and Archive of Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos to revive their work. The collection reinterprets Lopez's illustrations, turning his 2-D drawings into wearable, luxurious pieces, from caftans to enamelled hair accessories. As a sublimity of feminine form and ode to the disco glamor of the 1970s, the collection combines the muses of the past with the design genius of the present.

Antonio Lopez's multi-storey graphics at Fendi Cafe hang from the facades of buildings in exciting sunset shades, emphasizing his innovative vision of femininity, diversity, inclusiveness and unconventional beauty.

Upon entering, guests will immediately discover a space transformed into the world of Fendi and Antonio Lopez. Rainbow-colored graphics, 3D sculptures from the billboards of Lopez's artwork and graphic tables are connected to bring the glamor of the 70's to life.

The menu includes a fusion of favourite local and Italian food for breakfast and lunch, as well as drinks including a cappuccino with the FF logo signature served in porcelain cups decorated with Pequin striped motif.

In addition to reviving the Fendi cafe, fashion house Fendi has opened a pop-up boutique inspired by Antonio Lopez in the Aventura shopping centre. The independent space of almost 60 square meters is also the embodiment of Lopez's work with his recognizable graphics.

The store will offer customers pieces from the Fendi collection for spring / summer 2022, including clothes, shoes and fashion accessories.

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