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More photos

Relaxing while taking a trip through the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s in an intriguing cafe and bar in Thessaloniki is a great way of starting or ending a Greek day.

Designed by Minas Kosmidis, the RE Cafe and Dining Bar bears a simple name that encompasses many meanings, in both English and Greek: “In oral Greek the monosyllabic sound “re” at the end of many expressions expresses indignation, impatience, surprise, determination…” Within a long and narrow 65 square meter space, industrial details meet colorful elements in a clash of decades. The 3 meter front facade was imagined as a welcoming glimpse of the colorful spaces waiting inside.

Cultural, technological or innovative concepts were cleverly displayed within the space, creating a collage of colors, textures, symbols and shapes. According to the designers, “the space is parallelogram wide and long like a train, like a bus ready for a trip…” Behind the bar, a world map with marked routes showcases different transportation alternatives.  Mirrored in the wall with different words preceded by “RE”, the space seems larger and reflects the cheery atmosphere. Books, comics and vinyl records were displayed on shelves behind which a white brick wall reminisces Pink Floyd’s legendary cover – “another brick in the wall”.

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