Interactive restaurant in Tokio

TeamLab is an artistic community that creates a series of interactive art installations around the world, including many designs such as nature, technology, art and design...

Their last installation was created in an exclusive restaurant in Tokyo's Ginza district - Saga beef restaurant SAGAYA Ginza. This restaurant represents the primeval beauty of Japan with the help of this concept, food and interior.

It is so exclusive that on a daily basis, it serves only eight guests. Food is served on ceramic plates, and the most interesting part of the concept are projections that vary depending on the behavior of the customer. If the guest is quiet, artistic projections will be identical. If the guest makes any sudden movement, then the projected birds will fly.

The concept behind these installations are "disbanded worlds that are conjoined." This means that with each set plate on the table appears a new world. The meaning behind the whole project is based on the fact that the world is constantly changing, from one moment to the next and that there aren’t two same moments.

Their guests will have the opportunity to enjoy not only in this fantastic presentation, but also in a monthly menu which includes 12 meals that combine interesting food.

Over the years, TeamLab had opened several systems with similar visual experiences with hanging lamps, illuminated forest, floating flowers and numerous experiments with light. Check out what a visit to this restaurant looks like:

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