Louis Vuitton opens its first restaurant

After the Tiffany & Co brand opened its Blue Box Café at Harrods department store, the time has come for Louis Vuitton to do something similar…

The famous French fashion brand has decided to leave its personal mark on the hospitality industry. Out of a jolt of our sense of style, they have now shifted to our sense of taste, opening their first restaurant in Osaka, Japan.

Ready to open their new boutique, the famous brand has decided that this location will be the site of their first restaurant, called Le Café V. The restaurant will be located on the top floor of the brand's new headquarters in Osaka Maison. It will serve the menu created by renowned Japanese chef Yosuke Suga, and restaurant guests will be able to enjoy the behind-the-scenes look as all meals will be prepared in the open-plan kitchen. The grand space will include a bar as well as a generously designed patio.

The opening of the restaurant was confirmed by Louis Vuitton brand chairman and CEO Michelle Burke, who indicated that restaurants and hotels would be part of their new plan. The Louis Vuitton boutique in Osaka will open on February 1st, with the restaurant opening fifteen days later.

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