Luxurious afternoon tea on Thailand

We all know the connection between fashion and spring afternoon tea, which is served in luxury hotels...

Now, the famous Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui Thailand offers its visitors a unique experience of afternoon tea inspired by the beauty of the island itself. Everything connected with this tea, is a reflection of this tropical island and its famous coconut.

Confectioner of this hotel and his team also noted that the coconut is omnipresent on this island, so they created a superb menu with dishes that contain it. There is one sweet that we are attracted to the most - coconut ice cream sprinkled with crispy rice, served on ice in a hand-made bowl out of coconut shells. In addition, they offer eclairs, macaroni, tea cookies and more.

The menu is also offers famous Larb Gai Tod grilled chicken seasoned with fresh herbs, chili and rice. Next to it, there are also fresh gourmet sandwiches, exclusive pastries, salmon with cream cheese, etc...

Of course, when we talk about luxury gourmet, in addition to taste the very presentation of dishes and desserts is very important. If you're a fan of such an adventure, you should know that in Thailand this service will cost about 100 euros, and is served each day. In addition to cutting-edge specialties, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an even better view.

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