Luxurious surroundings in the Art Deco style and innovative drinks are not the only reason to visit Beaufort Bar at London's Savoy hotel...

The bar itself is beautiful and is located on the site of a former cabaret of this hotel where many famous names performed. The tradition of live performances and entertainment in this area continue to be pursued, so here you can see an evening performance of known and unknown artists, as well as a monthly evenings dedicated to cabaret and burlesque.

News that we’ll present this time are not related to performance or renovation. This bar has just launched a new cocktail menu, which features beautiful handmade and cut illustrations. This menu not only illustrates cocktails - it gives them life, as it is done in the style of pop-up books.

Combining traditional and contemporary styles and techniques in working with ink, pencil and digital color, artist Joe Wilson and expert cutting paper Helen Friel, presented the creations of Chris Moore in the right way. At the start menu, there are soft drinks, followed by a mixture of fruit and sweet drinks, and at the end of strong drinks, with spicy notes and rich flavors.

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