Nubeluz – cocktail bar with the best view of Manhattan

On the 50th floor of the legendary Ritz-Carlton NoMad, the new cocktail bar Nubeluz opened its doors with the aim of offering a unique view of Manhattan and redefining the fine dining experience in the most distinguished way.

From every angle, this brand-new rooftop bar awakens all of guests' senses, especially when day gives way to night and the city lights come on. Its fantastic design bears the signature of the Martin Brudnizki Design studio, thanks to which everything that defines the New York aesthetic is captured: luxury, innovation, glamour.

Nubeluz was the brainchild of the famous chef José Andrés, who comes from Spain and America. In fact, it is worth noting that the name of this cocktail bar is a combination of the Spanish words for cloud (nube) and light (luz).

As for the interior decoration, a quick look is enough to understand that the whole ambience refers to the golden age, full of glamor and luxury. The shades are dark, completely modern and match the atmosphere of the space, while the dimension and shine are achieved thanks to the golden details, the illuminated marble surfaces that we see in the bar, as well as the mirrors that dress the walls and pillars.

Wonderful warm lighting, candles and velvet textures create a unique atmosphere, giving the visitor the feeling of being in an ultra-luxury resort or even a palace from some other century. Rich shades of blue, pink and burgundy, especially wallpaper and satin curtains, give additional points to the impressive final result.

The bar has 132 seats, including the bar, while the two terraces have 12 and 20 seats, with a 270-degree view of the city. When the weather permits, guests have the opportunity to enjoy drinks and food outdoors, fully feeling the pulse of New York. Even from inside the bar, people can get lost in the unobstructed view of the impressive lights.

As for the taste, the festive drinks served bear the signature of cocktail innovator Miguel Lancha. If you find yourself there and manage to make your dream trip come true, don't miss indulging in the ultimate fine dining experience, trying something from the rich menu that includes oysters, cream cheese cones, black sesame, cured meats, cheeses or caviar.

Intoxicating aromas and unique tastes, the atmospheric vibe and the ambiance of glamor it exudes, as well as the fantastic location facing the skyline, make all the lights of Manhattan turn to the Nubeluz cocktail bar, which justifiably recently turned into the current most popular place in New York.

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