The perfect restaurant for all lovers of space

If you are a fan of Christopher Nolan, and you particularly liked the movie Interstellar, you will definitely be interested in this news…

Inspired by the hit science fiction movie, Citibanamex, a world-class convention and exhibition center in Mexico, will open the door to a new restaurant, thematically focused on it, featuring countless tiny lights and other illusory objects.

Occupying a space of about two hundred square meters, the divine restaurant was created by Almazán Y Arquitectos Asociados, Concepto Taller De Arquitectura and Pin Studio, who wanted to create a space where guests could enjoy an experience beyond this world. The restaurant features a starry sky made of about 250,000 LEDs, contrasting black interiors and a whole fleet of mirror-effect tables. In addition to the light galaxy, restaurant guests can enjoy a tour through the library, where several books hang from the ceiling, creating an impression of gravity-free space.

The restaurant was specifically created as part of Millesime Mexico 2019 - an interactive haute culinary event held annually at the Convention Center, with the goal of "transforming the universe into content, intertwining time and space to create a visually spectacular environment." The restaurant will be open for a limited time. Would you visit it?

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