Tokyo restaurant offers 3D printed sushi in accordance with your DNA

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine and can't stand your life without a regular dose of sushi, we have great news for you…

Serving delicacies to its customers, Tokyo restaurant, Sushi Singularity, is ready to offer the first 3D printed sushi. This restaurant, which is supported by a startup company called Open Meals, will use revolutionary techniques, ie a food production machine, an operating system and a health identification system, to offer its customers a completely new sushi. Portions will be 3D printed and in accordance with the health needs of each customer.

When guests make a reservation, the restaurant will send them health testing kits to their address, and depending on DNA, urine and intestinal flora analysis, each guest will receive their individual health ID. Using this data, the ingredients of each portion will be optimized, nutrients will be formed, and the food production machine will receive instructions on what kind of sushi to print.

For now, Sushi Singularity offers eight conceptualized models in its menu, consisting of: 'Cell Cultured Tuna', 'Powdered Sintered Uni', 'Negative Stiffness Honeycomb Octopus', 'Oze Tick Kappe Roll', 'Anisotropic Stiffness Steamed Shrimp' , ‘Squid Castle’, ‘Micro Pillar Saltwater Eel’ and ‘Dashi Soup Universe’. The restaurant is expected to open its doors in Tokyo by the end of this year.

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