Unique Italian restaurant in Florence

As work q-bic architectural studio, Luca and Marco Baldini just completed their project for not less than ninety days...

Columns without plaster details, walls without decoration, and the three tables occupy the entire length of the restaurant where they worked; showing us a touch of brilliance and courage, in an environment with high ceilings and open space, which in every corner has a different ambience. This project is called conceptual restaurant, but actually represents much more than that - it is a collection of taste, flowers, fragrances, designer items and live music; This is an unconventional space that combines different spirits into a whole, where the brand Karman was chosen to illuminate every corner of the section. "The instructions we received told us to leave things unfinished, and that nothing is perfect. People who've done this thought we do not like that idea, but they are now proud of our work and are satisfied to show it to their guests, friends and family", explained Luca.

Karman was a partner in terms of light for this very important project in the center of Florence. Thanks to them, the popular restaurant La Managere rose from the ashes - from the bulky historic space from the nineteenth century, it has now become a unique space that is warm and whose principal characteristic is hospitality. At the heart of this project, there is a floral arrangement presented by the warmth and beauty of the whole philosophy of design.

In the bar space, where the counter is lit with oriental forms, where top barista offers his gastronomy in glasses, was born in alchemical laboratory, or a place to experiment with different techniques of preparation of all types of beverages. Coffee and desserts get their space in the Cafe, where you can get your dose of caffeine with touches of internationality, but still with the typical Italian elements.

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