Luxury Villa with Ferrari in the Living Room

To attract buyers, the imaginative owner of a luxury villa has parked a $4.2 million Ferrari right in the middle of the living room, but what is particularly interesting is that the house is a million dollars cheaper than the supercar...

One of the best tips for selling a house at a higher price is to hire a professional photographer who will skillfully capture its best angles and features. The owner of a house in the UK took this advice to the next level by adding a striking object to the pictures that could easily encourage buyers to pay a higher asking price. That object is the Ferrari LaFerrari—one of the greatest automotive achievements of this century. The house for sale is located in Luton and was built in 1869. While the villa preserves its Victorian exterior, the beautiful Grade II-listed house has an exceptionally modern interior that the current owner has renovated to high standards. However, the highlight must be the Italian hybrid hypercar parked in what looks like the living room next to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

You'll be surprised to learn that LaFerrari is actually more than a million dollars more expensive than the house it's parked in, which was the first thing many potential buyers noticed as they marveled at the pictures. The asking price for the villa, built on half an acre of land, is £2.5 million (approximately $3.2 million). However, a well-preserved LaFerrari model can easily reach over $4 million. On the AutoTrader car sales website, three LaFerrari cars are listed for sale, all priced at $4.2 million.

One commentator wrote, "Why would you put a car in the living room when you're trying to sell the house?" "It's Luton. They'd obviously nick it if it was left outside," replied another. While another person commented, "I suggest if they have a £3 million car in a £2 million house, they also have another house or two."

The official listing states, "The house sits on a plot of approximately half an acre, including a garage – it is ideal for multi-generational family living or guest/staff accommodation, a wild swimming pool, and specialized garages for ten cars." Other notable features of the villa include a wine room and a home cinema.

LaFerrari represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering and Ferrari's pursuit of the hybrid hypercar segment. Introduced in 2013, this limited-production hypercar combines a powerful 6.3-liter V12 engine with an electric motor, resulting in a stunning total power of approximately 950 horsepower. Limited to just 499 units, it remains a rare and desirable piece of automotive craftsmanship among enthusiasts and collectors. Although it had an initial price of $1 million when launched, the value of LaFerrari models has more than quadrupled over the last decade.

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