A magnificent holiday home in Phuket

Located on the west coast of Phuket, in the heart of Tambon Patong, Kalim Beach House is a magnificent lodge offering views of the iconic coast, the Andaman Sea and unforgettable sunsets…

This upscale villa is located on a narrow plot, where architects from design Qua studios had to come up with unique solutions to maximize the use of vertical space. Working with heavy angles and elements that limited the general shape of a spacious home, the interior is filled with a fair amount of light while staying away from the hot, tropical sun.

The most interesting and beautiful element of the residence is undoubtedly its rounded pool, which is located near the living room and open courtyard with a space to enjoy. The pool reflects the vision of the house and the sky when the water in it is calm, while offering owners and their guests the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing view of the sunset, which is truly unforgettable. Next to the pool, there is an outdoor lounge, which is connected to the exterior by a series of sliding glass doors. With a smart kitchen and dining area, this is the centerpiece of the house.

Four bedrooms, bathrooms and additional guest spaces and accessories complete this home, while a series of bamboo blinds and shutters protect its entire environment from the hot tropical sun. The protected courtyard and walkways, concrete walls and wooden finishing details are the finale of this spectacular residence, which simply exudes luxury.

Photo by Levi Wells

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