A residence that defines a flawless connection between Earth and sky

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Aaron Neubert Architects presents the "t House," a residence for a young family located at the top of the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, offering a magnificent view of the San Fernando Valley and the iconic Hollywood sign.

This biophilic residence seamlessly blends with its surroundings, cleverly adhering to strict regulations while proposing an innovative model for hillside development in Southern California.

Gracefully descending down steep terrain, the home creates an inviting entry courtyard strategically separated from the adjacent slope, with terraced gardens leading visitors to the glass foyer. Upon entry, a vertical window system reveals a striking view of three levels perfectly aligned with Barham Boulevard to the north, creating a seamless connection between land and sky. This vertical window system is complemented by telescoping glass doors spanning the width of the house, providing panoramic horizontal views of the nearby mountains.

The new "t" spatial configuration not only shapes the house's layout but also provides an uninterrupted flow of awe-inspiring views that extend to the pool and distant landscapes. Visually and acoustically connected, the three levels of the house are crowned by a transverse roof window facing south and a staircase leading to the pool level in the north. The middle level encompasses spaces for the living room, kitchen, dining area, and office. On the lower level, a guest suite and semi-enclosed entertainment space open to the pool, terrace, and lawn, creating an ideal space for relaxation and socializing. The upper level includes bedrooms and a laundry room, providing practical functionality for everyday life.

When it comes to the exterior, the house is clad in sustainably sourced cedar siding stained with wood charcoal and handmade terracotta bricks, creating a natural and warm material palette that harmoniously blends the architecture with the surroundings. Over time, these materials will gracefully change color, further enhancing their integration with the natural environment. Inside, exposed fir beams, oak and limestone floors, gypsum walls, and oak cabinets are visible.

With a strong commitment to environmental consciousness, the "t House" residence thoughtfully harmonizes with the surrounding landscape while embracing sustainability principles in every aspect of its construction and operation. The residence showcases a carefully selected choice of drought-resistant plants well adapted to the region's climate, effectively reducing water consumption and promoting local biodiversity.

Sustainable materials and elements not only enhance the aesthetics of the house but also reduce its ecological footprint. Through the integration of rainwater harvesting systems, the project efficiently conserves water resources, collecting and storing rainwater for irrigation and non-potable use. These environmentally conscious efforts underscore the design's dedication to sustainable living, serving as an example of how thoughtful design and responsible choices can coexist in harmony with nature.

Furthermore, the "t House" serves as a compelling model for responsible development in the foothills of Southern California, offering its residents an exceptional blend of contemporary design and a deep connection to the natural world—a truly inviting sanctuary that reflects a genuine respect for the environment.

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