A villa in the Heart of the Alps as a Dream Come True

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More photos

Chalet D, a cottage nestled in the Austrian Alps, turns the dream of relaxation amidst picturesque mountains into reality...

This mountain cottage is designed as an ideal place for vacation, including a spa area where the family can spend quality time together. The contemporary redesign has breathed new life into the existing structure, establishing a dialogue with the surroundings. Oak wood, dry stone walls, and visible beams give this project the typical Alpine charm. The wood in the outdoor areas has been restored to regain its original appearance.

Inside the cottage, the beams have been restored and made visible thanks to a layer of dark color. Large windows offer different views of the surrounding mountains from each floor, while light oak wood and numerous fireplaces create a warm environment, and blue tones in the interior design pay homage to water – a central element of relaxation in the spa area.

Four spacious bedrooms, each with its own relaxation space and bathroom, provide opportunities for retreat and relaxation on the upper floor. The modern kitchen, as well as the large dining and spacious living room on the middle floor, create a friendly space for communal gatherings. The large terrace invites guests to enjoy breakfast outdoors, organize a barbecue, or sunbathe. On the lowest floor of the house is the spa area. The use of soft materials, pastel colors, and colorful LED lighting contribute perfectly to relaxation.

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