Lake Como is located in Lombardy and it spreads on 146 square kilometers, it is the third largest lake in Italy…

During the 19th century, many luxury hotels and villas were built in Lake Como’s surroundings, so many famous people like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Paul McCartney and Sharon Stone couldn’t resist its beauty. If you would like to be in their neighborhood, this amazing estate will certainly draw your attention. This lakeside villa is located at Via Regina in Italy.

This property is located on a 0.85 acres lot, while the main house boasts the overall surface of 1.700 square kilometers. This villa which has amazing architectural features consists of the main building on three levels, which flaunts 10 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. With the location in the heart of lush green park, this villa is located adjacent to the lake shore. There is a small separate guest villa on two levels, which is also a part of this estate, located in the northern part of the estate. This amazing property has three boat docks, its own lake shore and amazing lake views, high quality wooden floors and a wine cellar. 

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