Decadence of life in the middle of the ocean

Anyone who likes the idea of ​​living in the first city on a floating island, now gets the opportunity to afford it, provided they have between 20,000 and 1.5 billion dollars in their pocket ...

The manually created Blue Estate Island resort represents a new concept in the Caribbean Sea, which offers people everything - from small studios to mega villas of generous size. The artificial island was built using high-performance concrete modules and measures 1,499 by 999.74 meters in total, which is equal to the area of ​​half of Monaco. The floating city will become home to more than 15,000 permanent residents, numerous businessmen, schools and hospitals.

The Blue Estate units will start selling this month and it will last until 2022, with the completion expected by 2025. If everything goes as planned, some of these homes will be handed over to the owners by 2023. Life in this dream-like setting can be a part of everyone's reality, because the island will offer studios for 20,000 usd and luxurious luxury villas for almost a million or more dollars. The island is marked by beautiful facades and water surfaces, keeping the vibrant way of island life intact.

Floating homes offer plenty of areas for rest and relaxation, and are located not far from Miami and the Bahamas. Its outer walls measure over 48 meters, so that even the largest ocean waves cannot damage the properties, making them completely safe from wild water currents. According to the creators of this large project, the water city will be powered by the use of renewable sources, in order to maintain minimal CO2 emissions. Also, a strong sense of community will be the biggest asset of this city, where people will be able to gather in parks, business centers, international schools and participate in various social activities.

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