Donald Trump's Greenwich villa

Donald Trump’s fantastic villa in Greenwich, has already been on the market with a price tag of $ 54 million...

However, since no one wanted to pay that much money for it, this billionaire / politician has now lowered the cost for nine million, hoping that he will begin to spending his time in the White House. The mansion that he’s selling now, he bought in the nineties for just four million dollars.

The villa was built for Robert Hillas in 1939 and it has an area of ​​about 2,000 m2, eight bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms and various other rooms with different functions - from prestigious dining room to numerous rooms for organizing glamorous events.

Some rooms in this mansion still have the charm of the nineties, which can be good and bad, depending on what the owner wants. Retro kitchen that is located in a villa, follows the latest trends and offers premium appliances.

Glossy foyer of the villa offers us an insight into its spectacular architecture and high ceilings, which is expected to be honest, at a cost of 45 million dollars. Other benefits that will lure the potential owners are separate guest houses, a home theater, game room with pool table, a special section for the children, as well as outdoor and indoor swimming pool.

When you know the fact that this villa is located on a private peninsula with six hectares of land near the water, its high price will be totally justified.

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