Donald Trump's villa for sale

If you have 30 million dollars, you can be Donald Trump’s new neighbor, but you can also buy one of his former houses...

Back in 2008, when Trump probably did not even thought about running for president, he lived in this enchanting white house that you can see in our gallery, which was sold a year later.

However, possible president of the United States owns the house next to this one, so you can be his next-door neighbors, if you have enough money.

Located on the famous Rodeo Drive, this superb two-storey villa has a terrace that wraps around it, stylistic columns, spacious foyer, enchanting grandiose staircase with high ceilings and marble elements throughout its area.

Its surface area of ​​about 1,500 m2, and is divided into 11 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms, and also has an elevator, sauna and numerous spacious living areas. The backyard is another key element that attracts potential customers by offering them even more space to relax and enjoy - the swimming pool, covered pavilion, tennis courts and many other things.

Now, we are yet to see the answer to the question of whether Donald Trump will move into the White House. His former house really looks fantastic, and is even more beautiful and seductive live.

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