Minimalism is one of the strongest design trends these days. Since this trend is so present especially in the urban oasis, such as Singapore, where life overwhelms you with speed, daring skyscrapers and a lively urban vibe, we present you an exciting residential project, that follows the streams of minimalism, emphasising the complexity and the edgy approach towards design and architecture.

The Slim Singapore House celebrates the contemporary movement in this exciting and hallucinating city, emphasising a sleek outer facade (being tall and narrow) and an outstanding interior.

Envisioned as an amazing contemporary shelter, the project completed by Hyla Architects, boosts a spacious living space, an outdoor living room that connects the inhabitants with the natural environment. The home is sprinkled with “green-scapes”, small gardens that relax and bring serenity. A home without green vegetation is no longer a lively home, but a sterile and inexpressive living environment. The centre of the house is marked through a swirl-like glass staircase, that allows vertical circulation throughout the house. The floor level incorporates a swimming pool with a lounge and a path that leads you to the staircase. The interior is neat and dominated by the brightness of the white walls. 

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