Enjoy life like Don Vito Corleone for a month

"A man who does not spend time with his family can never be a real man." – The Godfather

In honour of the fiftieth anniversary of the premiere of "The Godfather", one lucky person will get the chance to enjoy the life of the famous Don Vito Corleone for a whole month. Airbnb just opened the bookings for a month's stay for up to five guests in the five-bed, seven-bath villa, which is worth $2.4 million.

Built in 1930, the 630 square meter villa was used as the exterior of the Corleone family home, while Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and the late James Caan filmed notable scenes inside the villa. Legend has it that Gianni Russo, who played Carlo Rizzi in the film, grew up on Staten Island and recommended the house to the production team. You won't find the high stone wall and gate surrounding the property, as they were made of plaster during filming, giving the property the appearance of a compound. Besides, the famous mansion is not on Long Island, as the movie suggests, but on Staten Island.

The remodelled backyard garden now has a saltwater pool, and although the interior scenes were shot at Filmways Studios in Harlem, there's still an impressive desk in the mansion's study set up for signing contracts, possibly with Jacob & Co.'s $9,900 Godfather pen.

There's also a playroom, a gym and an outdoor fire pit complete with a pizza oven. Airbnb continues to surprise with truly unique villas for rent. Let us recall that in 2020 it offered five nights in the original villa from the movie The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and last year another location appeared, the luxurious Villa Balbiano House of Gucci.

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