Famous boxer is selling his magnificent villa

Ray Charles Leonard, better known as Sugar Ray Leonard, considered one of the best boxers of all time, decided to say goodbye to his old Los Angeles villa worth 46.5 million dollars…

Unfortunately, the training ring is not part of this property, but it does have quite enough amenities that will definitely appeal to potential buyers. First of all, the future owners will have plenty of space at their disposal, because the 1,600-square-meter villa is located on a 1.7-acre estate. The spacious interior is the work of architect Richard Landry, who is known as the king of megavillas, for creating massive projects, such as the estates of Sylvester Stallone and Mark Wahlberg.

The primary residence contains seven bedrooms, while there is also an additional guest house for family and friends who come to visit you. The buildings are designed to mimic the feel and style of Italian villas.

And while this home has no boxing-related amenities, it can offer you plenty of exercise space, including a tennis court with pool, as well as a golf course. Above all, we must emphasize that the property is truly private, and is located at the very end of a long driveway, with high hedges that provide an extra layer of silence and seclusion.

Why is the famous boxer saying goodbye to his property? According to the Wall Street Journal, he and his wife want to reduce their living space because they live alone and do not want to spend their days in an empty villa.

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