Fantastic villa with the best view in the world

One of the best things with living in south California is the amount of time you can spend outside…

Just that let architectural studios to create an unnoticeable transition between interior and exterior. Beautiful views from almost every room, open spaces which are real competitors to the interiors and water elements wherever you look, are just some of the characteristics of this kind of architecture. The effect achieved will give you a meaning of spaciousness and piece, and this new home located in Los Angeles will offer all that, with a private spa corner which will provide you with an additional pleasure.

Located in Hollywood Hills, this estate offers you over 2.000 square meters, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It represents the first construction with SAOTA signature in this corner of the world and it contains pure, geometrical and open design. But still, everything that this home offers can be yours for 43.9 million dollars.

Many who have seen the estate say that it is worth every penny just for the view itself. SAOTA has carefully designed each room in order to enjoy the view over the mountains and further away from them. The beautiful pool will enchant you, while the main bedroom closet is a true oasis of luxury and it costs one million dollars.

The interior is amazingly decorated and it contains a three meters high waterfall which brings Zen ambiance in to the space. The built-in wellness center, where you’ll find a spa, a sauna, steam room, gym and massage space will thrill you.

The glass elevator which leads you to the roof will give you an opportunity to enjoy views.


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