For sale: a Prosecco vineyard in Italy

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There is nothing better than an unlimited amount of sparkling wine, which can sweeten you every day…

A magnificent, historic property, located in the northeast of Italy, wants to give a happy buyer the opportunity to truly and in the right way experience the joy of life.

The picturesque vineyard estate of Friuli, located in the province of Pordenone, has almost 20 hectares of vineyards for the production of DOC Prosecco. This means that the new owners will probably have an endless amount of sparkling wine to toast their new lives.

Housed in an idyllic setting, this property features more than a dozen different historic buildings, a landscaped garden that is almost as big as a football field, an amazing outdoor pool and, of course, vineyards. In addition, it offers 53.4 hectares of green agricultural land on which corn, sorghum and clover could be grown, along with an additional 30 hectares that are currently issued and used for rooted and grafted vines.

The spacious property includes 10 habitable houses that offer 10,000 square meters of combined interior space - not to mention 30 bedrooms and 29 bathrooms. In the heart of the property is the 18th-century main villa, which was renovated in 2003 and features an event hall and a professional kitchen.

The largest house, known as Gastaldia, offers 13 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms on three different levels. Next to it, there is a special corner consisting of four smaller buildings, with space for a caretaker, a chapel from the 15th century that can accommodate up to 40 people, three stables, a warehouse with eight rooms, a two-storey barn and various auxiliary elements. There is also enough space here for future construction if you want to expand.

The most important part of the estate is of course the Prosecco vineyard, which produces about 400 tons of Glera grapes each year, which is then turned into an excellent sparkling wine. Apart from the fact that enophiles will like it, this property will also delight history lovers, who will be able to see the mill from the 16th century here, which still contains all its original elements.

As can be expected, this piece of paradise comes with a high price - it can currently be purchased for 11.5 million euros. Still, owning your own Prosecco vineyard will be invaluable to many.

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