Francis Ford Coppola's private island can be yours now for $2.2 million

Coral Caye, famed director Francis Ford Coppola's dream resort in southern Belize, can now become your own personal slice of paradise.

The self-sustaining private island comes with a main house, two rustic cottages and a dock. And the best part? It is located behind a coral reef, so its surrounding turquoise waters serve as an incredibly scenic base for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking or paddle boarding. With all these amenities, it's hard to imagine anyone wanting to sell the island, but now, the legendary filmmaker's "home" can be yours for $2.2 million.

For the past six years, the famous director and his family have been renting the two-and-a-half-acre island, which is currently owned by Los Angeles attorney Terry Tao. Tao bought the enclave 10 years ago, when he built the main house. Coppola later built two cottages next to a large jetty that extends over the water.

"Coppola got everyone, from his close friends to movie stars and writers to Saudi princes, to come to the island," the real estate agent said.

The facility can accommodate up to 10 guests. The newest residence on the island is called Coral Cottage and offers a queen bed, sleeper sofa, living room, terrace and hammocks, and there is a full bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower.

Seahorse Cottage, on the other hand, is located nearby and consists of two double beds, two twin beds, a bathroom and another outside shower. For entertainment, there is the Great House which is equipped with a full bar and sound system, kitchen, dining room and game room.

“Coral Caye is a joyful haven for me and my family. The calm ocean and warm sun were a haven for all of us and a respite from this fast-moving world”, Tao said.

If you dream of a peaceful vacation on a private island where your only neighbours will be your companions, exotic birds and attentive staff who will prepare your meal, pour wine or chop a fresh coconut, this may be the ideal chance for you.

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