Impeccably luxurious villa in Riyadh

This time, we present to you a truly magnificent villa, located in one of the parts of the world that are most desirable and fastest growing - Riyadh…

Another magnificent villa in the collection of immaculately decorated spaces, signed by Covet House, presents different styles and inspiration that comes from all over the world, this time located in Saudi Arabia. Located in luxury Riyadh, the villa was designed by Karim Abdul Mutalib of K.A. Interior Design Studio, in partnership with Covet House.

Presenting ten different and deluxe rooms, with a modern, classic aesthetic where architecture and decoration combine in perfect harmony with luxurious appeal, golden details have been added as a homage to this wealthy city.

The luxurious villa combines well-appointed and recognizable Arab aesthetics, where modern classical vibrations are felt in every room. Gold details and art pieces define its overall look, while the magnificent architecture of the space complements the decoration. Taking inspiration from the city itself, with the most elegant pieces of furniture, the villa is decorated with high-end furniture and lighting as well.

The high ceilings in the dining room create a feeling of grandeur, leaving enough space for every masterpiece to breathe. The modern sense of decoration, which uses mostly monochromatic tones on the finishes and materials, leaving the golden shades to fulfil the aesthetics of the room, ultimately becomes the embodiment of luxury in this project. The massive Fortuna dining table immediately catches the eye, culminating and embodying the same earthy elements used in the living room, in order to create a cohesive look.

Connected to the dining room, the entrance area is a hospitable space that invites you to explore the luxurious outdoor experience. From the very beginning, the modern-classical vibration is present in all elements, while the contemporary artistic decoration contrasts with the classic details on the wall. The magnificent Lumiere Round mirror will leave a flawless first impression.

Modern in design, the kitchen is impeccably equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art appliances. Classic, ornamental lighting and organic chair shapes create a strong stylistic statement. A small quick breakfast bar is the right place to start the day.

As the embodiment of modern, classic aesthetics in this sumptuous project, the magnificent living room consists of a large open space that combines a kitchen, hallway and dining room. With a clear design, the living room creates a contrast of tenderness and richness of materials. Earthy colors and elements compose the pieces in this part of the villa, creating a counter to the architecture and modern aesthetics of the space.

Smaller in space, but huge if we look at it in detail, the service bathroom was created with a mixture of textures, shapes and materials. Using marble for an intense feel, this bathroom reflects the modern, classic aesthetics of the entire home, but in a somewhat quieter way.

Using sober colours in the materials and textures of the bedroom, leaving the lighting, details and other accessories to leave a strong impression, this room contains a combination of classic touches and decorative pieces, but again exudes a modern feel thanks to golden accents and general architecture. The seating area inside the master bedroom features a built-in TV above the modern fireplace. Soothing and beautifully decorated space, at the same time plays the role of a reading nook, thanks to the comfortable Isadora chairs.

The open space of the luxury bathroom is characterized primarily by the Diamond bathtub, which reaches the centre of attention, quite literally. Lighting gives the whole ambience a truly glamorous and rich aesthetic.

The guest bedroom has also been given plenty of details and character, with a touch of eclecticism. We can freely say that it is the most complex in the entire interior, because it contains classic walls with earthy details and colours, modern furniture and accessories with interesting twists. Also, this room contains a built-in wardrobe, a sitting room and a toilet, in which the Monacles console plays the main role.

The children's room was created dreamily and magically, and it is inspired by the world of dreams, in which no goal is out of reach. The cloud bed is a perfect place to rest, where all the other elements suggest the existence of a completely different world, which exists only in the child's mind.

Following the same aesthetics of all other rooms, the office uses the earthiest elements in its composition, such as wood and textures, thus creating a luxurious and decadent appeal, with golden details and uncompromising style.

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