Stunning Italian design can be admired in all the details of this amazing dream home – the Spinaltermine Villa.

Located at the border with Tuscany, and part of the Castello di Reschio estate, the exceptional architecture of this residential structure can be reached via a 3 km long road. Two volumes sum up to shape a stunning private property, with four bedrooms ready to offer private moments in the main volume, while guest can enjoy a separate guest bedroom in the smaller second volume.

Five bathrooms and all the modern amenities necessary will ensure that any overnight guest will have a wonderful experience here. With a heated infinity pool, accompanied by a kitchenette and covered sitting and dining areas, the property is not far from being one of the most splendid mixture of classic and modern design I have seen lately. The good news is that anyone can enjoy its magnificent interiors and landscaped garden, because the Italian Villa can be rented from here.

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