Kevin Costner selling his piece of Eden

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Kevin Costner is currently very busy and it's not just with brilliant Hollywood production...

He wants to sell his massive property with a private beach in California. The famous actor, director, producer and musician decided to move out of his piece of paradise, and put it up for sale with an incredible price of $ 60 million.

Costner has bought the estate in 2006 for "only" 28.5 million and wanted to build a new residence on the surface, but these plans apparently did not go to hand. Instead, the estate comprises a charming house with two bedrooms. The view of the ocean and mountains, and its own private beach are the things that make this estate special.

Located a few minutes from Santa Barbara Airport, close to charming boutiques, restaurants and cafes Montecito, Costner’s estate could be a paradise for nature lovers and a place to build a world-class villa with all the amenities of a new era.

The question that comes to mind: is this property is really worth 60 million dollars? In any case, if you buy it you can get Costner’s autograph, and maybe become friends.

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