Last villa in the Billionaire's Row

Designer Michael Palumbo was probably looking for a way to swipe rich people of their feet...

For this reason, he has created many world-class residences, but his latest project attracted our attention. This property of hundreds of millions of dollars will soon be found in Beverly Hills, and is inspired by the floating goods from Singapore, and designed like a house of several parts, with the water surface at its center. It will have an area of ​​2,450 m2, which will be filled with amazing style.

With seven bedrooms, including a massive master suite of 310 square meters, 14 bathrooms, reception room for guests with a hidden bar and a dining room with ample room for eighteen people, this villa looks as a paradise on earth.

Reflecting pool that can be seen in its exterior, takes you to the acrylic basin in the foyer, which seamlessly connects with the infinity pool that goes around the entire property. This sounds really complicated, but it is a sight for sore eyes.

Transparent pool in the foyer leaks natural light into the lower level of the home, which contains all the benefits that can come to mind, but also provide maximum comfort and convenience for owners and their guests, every second of every day.

As part of the estate there is a nightclub, a bar and a loggia and a private theater with a twenty seats, bowling alley with two tracks, a professional catering kitchen, beauty salon, wellness center, garage for eight cars, etc. The point is that this property offers you everything that you dreamed of, in a very nicely packaged bundle.

Large glass walls and electronically controlled infinity doors give this place a futuristic look, while the spacious external terraces and relaxation areas provide an opportunity to enjoy the view of the surrounding hills.

This was the last villa in the famous "Billionaire’s row", and can be yours for a hundred million dollars.

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