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More photos

We recently wrote about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who are selling their mansion in Beverly Hills, and this time, we are talking about another famous person...

On the other side of the country, or the East Coast, a former Miami Heat basketball team star - LeBron James - is selling his mansion. He returned this summer to Cleveland Cavaliers team, which means that he moved there, and therefore he is selling his mansion in Miami.

The villa was built in 2010 and it offers you more than 1.400m2 of living space, which consists of six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. This villa has a gourmet kitchen, exquisite wine cellar, private office, custom home theater, a generator, a guest house and a place for sunbathing on the roof. In its exterior there are also excellent amenities such as a summer kitchen, a entertainment space, infinity pool and dock for a 60 feet yacht.

Price of LeBron’s estate is $ 17 million.

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