Luxury villa with the most stunning garage

Lately, life in the suburbs has become more popular than ever...

Houses that provide access to a beautiful piece of land in a sleepy neighborhood are certainly a better option than penthouses in high-rise buildings and crowded cities, when it comes to living at a slightly better and calmer pace. Anyone who wants to ditch their big city of their choice now has the opportunity to afford this beautiful home in Connecticut, which is on sale for $ 15 million and has a large number of items that lack to all those people living in urban areas.

The luxury home is located in New Canaan, not far from Fairfield County, best known for its rich architectural history. This location was home to the legendary Harvard Five team, a group of modernist designers, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Philip Johnson, John M. Johansen and Eliot Noyes who once lived in Connecticut.

These people built some of the most famous residences during their reign, including the Glass House of architect Johansen and the Noyes House of his colleague Noyes. The freshest home from New Canaan may not have the pedigree of the Harvard Five group behind it, although according to the rumours, Noyes used his piece of land for his projects many years ago, but without a doubt it looks extraordinary in every respect.

The project of this house is very different from everything we can see today, because this is a home of over 1,672 square meters, inspired by stylish European architecture, which is the exact opposite of most modernist units that are part of the most famous architecture in Connecticut. The entrance area, for example, has a high ceiling, a curved elegant staircase and grandiose pillars, and right next to this main part is a music room, a space for a grand piano, which can be reassigned to a small office, along with a living room below and its submerged floor level.

The right wing of this luxury villa has a sleek dining and kitchen area - equipped with Valcucine equipment, gym, spa and sauna. Two offices are located on the first floor, along with a two-story library and its spiral staircase that further leads to the wine cellar below and the primary sleeping area above. In the exterior we can see a spectacularly designed swimming pool, tennis court, lake and fountain. The possibility of hosting friends and family during a pandemic is no problem for this magnificent home, as the additional 186 m2 unit has ample space and its own personal kitchen.

However, one of the most popular features of this luxury building is the underground garage, which can accommodate up to 25 cars, which makes it ideal for any collector or fan of luxury or retro models. Although the house in Michigan Road does not represent the architecture of its surroundings, it is completely stunning and ideal for all rich people who decide to leave their urban areas and tuck in the most elegant manner within its six acres, with this special space intended exclusively for their cars.

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