Made-to-measure luxury in the world of architecture

When it comes to luxury homes, just as it is the case with fashion or interior decoration, there are certain trends that many people adhere to, without thinking "outside the box"…

As a result, all luxury villas began to resemble each other, with modules that contain a certain type of space, and which are limited by bulky glass surfaces, high ceilings and monumental entrance doors. Wanting to offer the world something completely different, Milad Eshtiyaghi Studio presented its new project, called Lima House 3.

When designing this project, the studio's client wanted a reinterpretation of their previous work, which would be in line with all their needs. According to the architects, the project was formed on the basis of a rigid vertical structure, which has vertical communication and service spaces in its interior, in addition to negative spaces that contain the main elements of a home.

The inclined volume of the project is designed in the form of a slope, in accordance with the climatic conditions of the location where it is located - four layers with different angles are placed next to each other, in order to create different views of the beautiful natural environment and the park located right next to this villa. The project is further defined by the panorama of the city in the background, while also being in perfect harmony with the historical buildings in its surroundings.

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