Cartagena Villa blurs the dividing lines of past and present, and transfers us to the time of grandeur and romanticism of Gabriel García Márquez...

Perfectly positioned in the enchanting valley of Cartagena in Colombia, this colonial mansion is a unique gem in a paradise setting. Designed according to the purist principles of Moorish palaces - this design direction was very popular during the 16th and 17th century in the Spanish and colonial architecture - this palace is a masterpiece of architecture.

Refreshing magnificent hall leads you to the courtyard in the center of which this villa situated. This is particularly spacious courtyard, with its eight palm trees and fountains and it represents the importance of the structure that leads into the rear section, where guests can enjoy the comfort of swimming pool and refined solarium.

Within the villa there are 11 spacious bedrooms, each of them has a large private bathroom with marble floor and old bronze taps. The magnificent dining room in the central area of the villa reminds us of the old aristocratic banquets.

Pool that has the ability to control the temperature of water lures you to refresh yourself in it, while the roof terrace has fantastic views of this historic city and the Caribbean. Enjoy the spa part of the villa and relax with a most impressive sight with which you will ever meet.

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