Located on Isla Mujeres in Mexico, Casa Caracol is a very creative project for a beach house, having the ocean nearby... 

From the name of the isle where this house is built on to the intriguing architecture and unusual interiors, everything seems to be new to us when it comes to Casa Caracol.

180 degrees views over the Caribbean Sea are added to the experience of living in a sea shell, taking a bath under a shell fountain. Eduardo Ocampo is the architect that designed the home that could be your vacation accommodation, maybe, as it is currently for rental.

The house is divided in two volumes, one bigger and one smaller. The smaller one, looking like a moon shell, hosts e bathroom and a bedroom, while the bigger one, appearing like an architectural queen conch shell, hosts another bathroom and bedroom, a kitchenette and also a sitting area. Interiors continue with the same idea, as at every step we make we see different reinterpreted shell accents.

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