This fantastic villa which can only be described as a modern masterpiece, offers wonderful views and superb facilities...

It was designed by a famous architect from Los Angeles, Paul MacLean, and officially constructed in August last year. It is the latest addition to a rich neighborhood which already holds some of the finest, most expensive and most luxurious villas in the world.

Although the size of the entire estate is not particularly impressive – it measures about 0.82 hectares - villa itself looks and acts like a real palace. It has seven bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, in addition to a well equipped kitchen, huge garage and home theater. The owners of these villas have the opportunity to enjoy the infinity pool and a fantastic view of Los Angeles.

It has a sophisticated amenities and a perfect location with a perfect view of the southern part of California, and therefore has a very high price. One who wants to call it home, and it is likely to be a celebrity or businessman with a few billion in his pocket, will have to pay 55 million dollars to make it a possession of his own. But when you think about it, this villa is worth so much money.

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