One of the most expensive homes in Puerto Rico has just been put up for sale for $45 million

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The Island Villa is one of 20 East Beach Residences at Dorado Beach, within the Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

If you've ever travelled to Puerto Rico's picturesque Dorado Beach, one home that just went up for sale might convince you to move there permanently.

At least, that was the case for sports team owner, art collector and philanthropist Christopher Harding. The Kentucky entrepreneur initially left mainland America for tax breaks, but eventually the tropical climate and friendly locals convinced him to stay. Now, hoping to explore the territory further, he's put his personal piece of paradise on the market for nearly $45 million.

If it seems to you that this property is more like a hotel than a private family home, that's because it is, in a way. The residence itself is located in the Dorado Beach Resort, which was originally developed by the Rockefellers back in the 50s. Today, the island estate belongs to the Ritz-Carlton Reserve and is one of only 20 other single-family residences offered. As a bonus, he has access to all the hotel's facilities - from the golf course to the aqua park and restaurants. In addition, it is only 50 meters from the ocean.

According to public records, Harding paid $10 million for the mansion in 2020. On an area of 560 square meters, you will find several terraces, a kitchen, a sparkling swimming pool and staff quarters. Even better, two of the four bedrooms are classed as suites and have private outdoor showers and bathtubs made from volcanic stone. Some of the interior details include high ceilings and large glass walls. To make your move even easier, all furniture (but unfortunately not artwork) is included in the asking price. Plus, plans for a second floor and additional roof terrace have already been approved should you ever want to expand.

For now, it looks like Harding will continue to deepen her roots on the Isle of Enchantment. "I've been in Puerto Rico for a long time," he said. "It's an adventure of trying something different here." Although, wherever the road takes him, he'll have plenty of money once he sells this mansion.

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