Pamela Anderson's villa for sale

The villa we present to you this time is definitely not the largest in Malibu, but it is owned by one of its most famous citizens - actress and former Playboy model, Pamela Anderson, who recently married her former bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst, and moved to Vancouver…

However, we believe that many potential buyers will like the fact that her villa with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms is actually located in a somewhat more modest part of Malibu, especially considering the fact that its price is far below the usual $ 50 million. Our favourite blonde decided to say goodbye to her long-term home, for the figure of 14.9 million dollars.

Anderson became famous in this coastal enclave when she played the role of a lifeguard on the beach in the popular Baywatch series during the 1990s, which was filmed right in Malibu, not far from her home. As we find out, Pamela bought the house in 2000 at a price of only 1.8 million dollars, after she had several unpleasant experiences with too many curious fans who often entered her yard when she lived near the ocean. Therefore, she decided to buy a property that is far more private, surrounded by high hedges and walls.

Housed in a fenced and popular Malibu Colony enclave, her house is within easy reach of an idyllic lagoon. As we find out, Anderson replaced the original structure with the main villa and later added a one-bedroom guest lodge, while between the two buildings there is now a terrace with a swimming pool. The home is sustainably built, using teak that is ethically imported. In addition, the property has its own vegetable gardens and solar panels.

As Pamela told The Wall Street Journal, she was inspired by modernist architecture and its open spaces characterized by glass walls when she built her home. Glass and revolving teak doors open her home to the exterior. In the interior, on the other hand, we can see a sleek white kitchen with stone work surfaces, which is perfectly accentuated by wooden floors. The master bedroom has its own balcony and sauna, while there is also a roof terrace with amazing views. According to Pamela, she invested an additional eight million dollars in the design and construction of this home after the purchase of the property.

Anderson has already moved to her native Canada, where she is currently renovating a home that belonged to her grandmother.

Photo: Shade Degges

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