Perfect villa in the perfect part of Los Angeles

These days, spacious properties, with large open areas and several houses in them, are really in demand…

However, they are not so easy to find, because the construction of one such enclave takes a large amount of time. If you would rather buy a property that has everything you need, and in addition is located in the top part of the world, know that you need 60 million dollars.

The Tower Grove Drive estate is located in a fantastic part of Los Angeles - close enough to all the essentials, while far enough away to give you privacy. The property consists of three hectares of private land, where Christine London has entertained herself with landscape architecture. On this property, there is a main villa with almost 900 square meters, an additional building next to the tennis court, as well as an entertainment space, a conservatory and a house by the pool.

The interior has the signature of renowned Michael Smith, who is best known for decorating the private residence of the White House for Barack Obama. The owners of the property, investor Bruce Karsh and his wife Martha, gave Smith this task when they saw with his work at the residence in Santa Barbara.

The result of this partnership is a home that exudes a classic English feel, both outside and inside. The living room has a ceiling decorated with plaster details, library has a marble fireplace and a high, vaulted ceiling, while the dining room is accented with Zuber brand scenic wallpaper.

The master bedroom has two fitted wardrobes and a bathroom that reminds us of a perfectly equipped sauna. From here, there is also a view all the way to the Pacific. On the same floor, there are numerous guest bedrooms, of which there are five in total, in addition to seven and a half bathrooms.

One of the key features of this property is certainly its tennis court. The building next to the court can serve as a space for entertainment or accommodation for guests, as used by the former owners, so they equipped it with a billiard table, a recording studio, a golf simulator, a home office and a bar.

In addition, on this property there is a two-storey guest house with two apartments. There is also a conservatory, a smaller building entirely made of stone and glass, with a fountain and a fireplace inside.

Of course, part of the whole story is the swimming pool, while there is another house near it, next to the campfire pit. If you walk through the magnificent garden, you will come across a heated lookout, which is perfect for al fresco dining.

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