Perfectly modern and classical villa in St Petersburg

This hidden villa is the first in a series of luxury residences with the COVET House signature, to inspire professionals and design lovers to reach new heights in a new era...

Priced at $ 8.5 million, this 500-square-foot villa located in Russia features an elegant bespoke interior with a modern, classic touch and a perfect balance between statement handmade pieces and more natural, functional elements. The result of this fusion is a comfortable home, which is ideal for a modern, luxurious lifestyle. "This project is a feature of luxury design. We have combined top pieces with modern aesthetics and turned them into reality ", said the COVET House brand.

With nine sections, this magnificent project has its own signature and language, communicating a crystal clear message that is not too loud or overpowering. Every detail that is here, is carefully combined with the others, in order to create the ultimate luxury home.

When you step into this home, you will witness a game of marble, high ceilings and reflective surfaces. Exceptional, refined and subtle, the details that adorn the foyers are also striking and prominent. Overlooking the second floor, the L’Chandelier by Boca do Lobo brand descends from the ceiling, creating a stylish statement combined with an imaginative, elegant and luxurious setting. In contrast to the black marble on the floor, the white marble Empire Round table happily greets each guest.

The living room, like the heart of the home, is designed with carefully thought-out details to fulfill its aesthetic duties, while creating a comfortable, modern and luxurious environment. The room, decorated with a mix of different textures and materials, provides the perfect touch of luxury to this modern and classic ambience. Overlooking the perfect snow field of St. Petersburg, the windows that extend to the height of the ceiling represent a source of natural light that fills the space, making it visually wider, complementing also pieces of lighting, such as the Newton Suspension Lamp with the Boca do Lobo signature. The wooden panels on the walls create a contrast with the perfectly straight lines of the central table of the Thomson sofa signed by the Luxxu brand, representing the ideal antithesis of a classic and modern approach to design. The neutral color provides a feeling of luxury tangible in every detail, from the use of marble to accessories.

The dining room is a refined space, connected to the open kitchen, which consists of a unique dining table that embodies handicraft techniques, such as carving, metal cutting, hammering and polishing. This open space, with the contrast between the tenderness of velvet upholstery and the roughness of marble and wood, creates a phenomenal ambient architecture. The walls are decorated in detail and accentuated with the help of a set of Supernova chandeliers, while all the furniture is designed geometrically and strategically arranged.

The kitchen is convenient and ergonomically done, and is equipped with the latest technology and a work surface that is stylish, precisely because of its neutral color. It deliberately does not stand out in its ambience, since the previously mentioned dining room is close to it. Bright accents in the kitchen are characterized by gold, brass details on pieces of lighting, chairs and cabinets.

The master bedroom is designed concisely, so that nothing would oppose a real rest. Delicate wood panels give the interior a touch of lightness and smoothness, thanks to the combination with black walls, which contrast with the light ceiling and floors. Designer pieces from the brands Luxxu and Rug’Society have also found their place in this ambience.

The wardrobe is spacious and stylish, created from premium wood with glass doors and its own lighting, which is functional and really attractive. With shelves made of real chestnut wood, and a chandelier reminiscent of a ray of gold, the delicate Hera armchair of the Brabbu brand connects all the elements.

The main bathroom is designed as a true oasis of luxury, with an iconic Diamond bathtub by Maison Valentina, as well as a contrasting black and white marble floor. The unique marble design in the bathroom reminds us of the river flow, while brass and gold details complete the whole picture.

In order to create a children's room, the design team started the story with one boy's dreams, which is why they tried to create a space in which those dreams never cease to exist. With attention focused on the A lamp of the Delightfull brand, the Bun Van Bed of the Circu brand got its place under the spotlight. Almost every product used in this environment is the result of the eclecticism of numerous details and a sense of taste. The interior of the children's room is classic, but modern.

The office got a more refined and casual look, with the use of neutral colors and stricter lines in the decoration, with different materials and finishes. It exudes luxury, professionalism, and most importantly, magnificent, modern decor.

Photo: COVET House

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