Popular YouTuber bought himself a new sumptuous villa

Popular YouTuber, treated himself with a spectacular villa, which many of us would call a dream house…

David Dobrik, the YouTube vlogger, who is the leader of the famous YouTube ensemble, The Vlog Squad, the channel that is the fifth most watched creative channel on the platform, with 2.4 billion views, is really successful. He also earns his money as part of the jury of the Nickelodeon music competition, his mobile phone camera app, David’s Disposable, and he also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

It's no secret that David enjoys life as a real star, and since recently, he has been doing so in his new $ 9.5 million villa, located in the hills of Sherman Oaks, California. Dobrik spent the entire previous year hunting for the perfect house, often posting tours of luxury villas on his Instagram account, until he found this one.

His new villa has plenty of space and natural light, including six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Glass walls and sumptuous terrazzo floors adorn the living room, along with an L-shaped sofa with a decadent ottoman. With sliding glass doors, the exterior and interior blend seamlessly, giving him the opportunity to enjoy the view from every corner of his home.

The kitchen is modern and equipped with Miele appliances and accented with marble surfaces, while its minimalist design is responsible for the flawless ambience. The massive master bedroom offers the best view of the sunset, with floor-to-ceiling windows, interiors that are modern, elegant and offer plenty of open space.

In addition, the villa is equipped with a built-in wine pantry, which comes with a controlled temperature and enough space for 200 bottles. Given the trends in the world of celebrities, fitness is in the first place, even if it is not your main occupation, so Dobrik's house has a perfectly equipped gym.

We are sure that fans of the famous YouTuber will be delighted with his home cinema, which is truly magnificent, but its main competition is the exterior, which is equally luxurious. The courtyard of his villa is masterfully divided into several spaces, such as a loggia with a campfire, a swimming pool with a spa section, an intimate part with a swing and lush lawns.

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