Located in a suburb of Cape Town, this villa was owned by Princess Diana's brother, Charles Edward Maurice Spencer...

Situated on an estate, which occupies about two hectares, it is worth 10,434,980 Euros. Princess Diana was a frequent guest at the estate, which she said, was a favorite place for rest and reflection. The main residence on the property has four bedrooms, each with its own private dressing room and bathroom. Spacious kitchen with beautiful breakfast bar and formal dining room, two lounges and the operating room, home theater, library, wine cellar and much more are the luxury amenities that this villa has.

Also, within easy reach of the villa there are three fabulous cottages for guests, two with two bedrooms and one with one bedroom. In addition, there is a two-bedroom cottage for staff. Additional amenities of this villa are the swimming pool, tennis court, large gazebo, two vineyards and four garages. Of course, it has particularly formidable decorated gardens that are perfect for enjoying your afternoon. Also, this villa has its own private security, and double gates.

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