Sneak a peak into Giuseppe Verdi's luxury villa

The country house where Giuseppe Verdi lived for 50 years has been put up for sale, ending a long-running feud among the Italian composer's heirs.

The villa in which Verdi lived for half a century is owned by the composer's heirs, but they have not found a common language when it comes to its future. Since no heir has the opportunity to take over the other's share, it will be put up for auction, ending a 20-year lawsuit between four siblings.

Initially, his parents lived in the villa before Verdi moved in with his second wife, Giuseppina Strepponi, in 1851, staying there until his death in 1901. The house is currently owned by four brothers and sisters who are descendants of Maria Filomena Verdi, composer’s cousin, who he raised ​​with his wife as if they were their own children.

However, in the last 20 years, the fate of this villa has been uncertain, as the family has fought in court for its ownership. None of the four brothers and sisters could afford to buy, which is why the decision to sell was made. At the same time, inside this villa are some of the works of the famous composer, his books, paintings, furniture and other things. While living in this house, Verdi created some of his most beautiful operas, like The Troubadour and La Traviata. According to media reports, the villa will soon be put up for auction, with the Italian state having the right of first refusal, with the aim of preserving the heritage.

Verdi was born in the village Le Roncole in the province of Parma. At the age of 19, he wanted to enrol at the Milan Conservatory of Music, which bears his name today, but was not accepted, stating that he was too old and did not know how to play the piano. Verdi therefore had to acquire his knowledge privately from maestro Vincenzo Lavigne. He stayed in Milan and began to get acquainted with the Italian musical theatre.

He later became famous in Milan's Scala with his first opera, Oberto, in 1839. After a long break, he began composing opera again. At the age of 28, he wrote two more masterpieces, Othello (1887) and Falstaff (1893).

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