Sneak a peak into the most expensive Silicone Valley villa

Have you recently planned to move into an extravagant villa, preferably located in Silicon Valley?

Well, now you can turn your dreams into reality, provided you have $ 135 million in surplus. One property in that part of the world, which is considered the most expensive and luxurious, is currently looking for its new owner.

With as many as thirty-two bedrooms and twenty-six bathrooms, this property occupies 74 acres. It is located in Woodside and measures about 2,390 square meters, consisting of seven homes in total. The property was given the charming name Green Gables, and was constructed for a banker named Mortimer Fleishhacker in 1911. As many as five generations of the same family lived inside this property, which also contains three swimming pools, a tennis court, an art studio and a barn, among other things.

The estate is located just a short distance from the boutiques, restaurants and school district of Woodside, one of the richest and most picturesque enclaves of Silicon Valley. Interwoven with nature, the property features vegetable gardens, orchards and fantastically landscaped gardens, along with a spacious natural spring and lakes, with the inevitable olive groves.

According to real estate experts, when this property is sold, it will really be a long time before a similar opportunity to buy arises. Currently, the property has more interested buyers, and if you have a $ 135 million surplus, you can be one of them.

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