Sphinx: the most modern villa in Egypt that defies the laws of physics

Spanish architecture firm Fran Silvestre's latest project draws inspiration from the mythological figure of the Sphinx, presenting a luxury home unlike any other.

"When a client comes to you and asks you to create something 'unique', then your ideas must have no limits. You have to think 'outside the box', presenting a project that, no matter how complicated it looks, manages to excite him."

This is exactly what the famous Spanish architect Fran Silvestre did, when he was hired by a wealthy man from Egypt and asked to build a luxury house in Cairo, which would have "something of the ancient Egyptian culture".

The architect took the original idea and perfected it, presenting the "Sphinx", a villa that was inspired by a mythological creature with the body of a lion, a human head and the wings of a bird, which was a symbol of wisdom. The construction of the villa has started and will be completed by 2024, but what we have seen so far in the published photos is truly breath-taking.

In the Sphinx we see a two-story volume with a flat roof connected to a thinner upper level, but raised almost 15 meters above the other, accessible by a hidden elevator. On three levels of the residence, two floors plus a basement, there are twelve bedrooms, including two suites, two kitchens, several living rooms, a spa and even horse stables.

Despite the fact that the house is practically on the beach, it is designed with a large outdoor pool, spacious terraces and a garden for relaxing in the sun. On the upper level is the largest suite, which gives the impression that it is almost a unit unto itself, while continuous strips of windows on two parallel sides of each volume frame the view to the outside.

For now, it is not known how much money will be needed to make the luxury villa shine in its full glory, but something tells us that a few million euros will make the Sphinx a unique masterpiece in Egypt.

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