The perfect villa with rainfores views from every room

One of the most attractive aspects of living on a tropical island is the amount of time you can dedicate to outdoor life...

With four and a half bathrooms and four bedrooms, the amazing space located in Princeville, uses its square footage extremely efficiently, with a spacious and open interior, finished with a beautiful covered terrace and a space around the pool. In addition to a balanced design, each part of the house allows its owners to enjoy in the view of the ocean, from every angle, the legendary North Shore surf beach, volcanic mountain peaks, waterfall arches, rainforests, panoramic sunrises and sunsets, but also the stunning rainbows of Hawaii. In a word, all the luxury that this home brings with it, definitely justifies its price of 27,750,000 dollars.

Of course, these items are just some of the many, as the exclusive, luxury open-plan home includes a full-size kitchen with a barbecue segment, a bar, a comfortable lounge-like living area set in front of the fireplace and a large flat-screen TV, sunbathing area by the pool and jacuzzi. The folding skylight delivers protection from the daily dose of sunlight in every part of the day, providing plenty of shade and fresh air. With its axis, the pool extends and surpasses the topography of the terrain, providing a beautiful and seemingly endless view of the lush vegetation, lawns and garden.

The house, which we can freely say does not have a border between interior and exterior, comes with 808 m2, used to create three segments, connected by a prominent, spacious exterior surface, around which the whole concept revolves. In one part there is a main living room, kitchen, formal dining room, home gym and a comfortable space for rest and entertainment, while the other, 120 m2 in size, has a bedroom with a separate study area, private garden and outdoor shower, which comes as a must have item in Hawaiian homes. The rest of the interior consists of bedrooms, two of which have private bathrooms.

The carpentry in the entire interior is one of the most beautiful on the island and was created by the same subcontractor who worked at the house of Bill Gates in Seattle. Terracotta warriors represent some of the most luxurious decorative items of this home and were purchased near the Great Wall of China, while the entire property is provided with state-of-the-art systems and electronics.

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